"Just because you don't know your direction doesn't mean you don't have one. - Battlestar Galactica

You become an expert

« How far should I explore?« , I asked. « Don’t underestimate how much you’ve already explored, and how useful that would already be to almost anyone else« , he replied.

Persistence is a good thing. Obsession too, in a way. When you start to constantly filter the world through a particular lense, you quickly see things that no-one has seen before. You connect events together, you interpret situations, you invent solutions for problems others don’t even understand. You become an expert.

The downside of that is that you forget what it’s like not to be that expert. And you can’t share much about that expertise unless you realize how far you are, how persistent you’ve been. But when you do find a way to take a step back and contemplate what you’ve slowly uncovered over time, you realize how powerful persistence is.

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