Public speaking feedback

I gave a talk to 100 people the other day. It was a great opportunity to share some concepts I’ve discovered, and get feedback on my ability to do so.

Things that seemed to work:

  • Giving examples of things I’m doing myself
  • Giving tools for other to use
  • Providing metaphor for complicated concept
  • Sharing a counter-intuitive point of view
  • Combining theory and examples
  • Sharing lessons learnt from an experiment
  • Looking at known elements in a new way
  • Sharing specific results of a well-known company applying an approach
  • Formulating things in a sticky way
  • Referring to other contributors

Things that could have be improved:

  • Not explaining enough the why behind a particular approach
  • Explaining rationally something that is driven by intuition
  • Not explaining the exceptions to the rule
  • Asking a question to the crowd but not really listening
  • Tapping only into my current experience only when referring to lessons learnt along the way

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